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Sub Zero Unisex Long Sleeve Meraklon Thermal Mid Layers are snug fitting and have plenty of stretch (60% along the width, 40% along the length) which makes them feel as comfortable as a second skin and allows for a close comfortable fit for most body shapes. The in-built stretch also allows base layers to be worn underneath the Meraklon mid layers without being restrictive.

The long body length on these Meraklon thermal mid layer tops prevents any lower back cold spots during activity, and being knitted in tubular form means the body of the mid layer tops is seamless (seams on XS and XXL sizes), preventing seam rub and skin irritation when moving and working. The sleeves are constructed so they are set-in to the body and shoulders, increasing wicking efficiency and reducing thermal loss through wafting. The cuffs are manufactured form double thickness Meraklon fabric to give extra insulation protection to the wrists and provide a snug fit to help reduce the loss off warm air when moving.

These Meraklon thermal mid layer tops are perfect for colder days where a base layer is just not warm enough on your commute, cycling, running or walking the dog. The simple design and their hypoallergenic properties also makes them ideal for older people who are inactive in their homes during the winter months.

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Black, White, Navy


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