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Below you will find the top gear and equipment  Ben Goldstein is currently giving to our security service members and IDF soldiers, ONLY due to your partnership and direct support.  YOU make this happen!

EVERY piece of gear has been field tested personally by Ben and is of top professional quality, with full manufacturer warranty in Israel.  EXACTLY what our beloved soldiers and security service members deserve.

Ben believes in buying OUR best, THE best.

Bless you all for stepping up.


Gil Refua

Owner, Refua Beshetah

Prices in Israel will typically be higher than pricing in the USA. If you see items here priced differently than what you are used to in the USA, please understand, we pay import taxes and higher prices here in Israel. The prices listed here are wholesale pricing levels and include all warranties. Thank you for your understanding and for helping us help our State of Israel and Her defense.


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Why Choose Us

“Our IDF soldiers and security service members are our heart and soul.” – Gil Refua

Personal service, direct attention and IN LOVE with Israel. These are among the top reasons why you can feel positive and secure to place your trust in our lifelong commitment to filling the gaps for our warriors. Whatever they need, whenever they need it, we get it done. But ONLY with your direct partnership.

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